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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.




Mandalas are graphic symbols containing circles, squares, geometric shapes, and patterns; used as aids in meditation.  Reminiscent of the designs contained within a kaleidoscope, a mandamandala4-143x138la can either be a simple, or extravagantly detailed, work of art.  Review the history of mandalas, relax, have fun coloring your own, and find out why you should.  You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself in the process.

Bring your own crayons.  Space is limited, so please pre-register by phone or e-mail. Cost:  $0 (free will offerings accepted & appreciated


chakras-113x228SIMPLICITY IN CHAKRAS – WATCH FOR FUTURE DATESEmpowering mind/body/spirit through awareness and knowledge, Simplicity in Chakras is a nine week course providing a clear and detailed look at the human aura and individual chakras.The aura is the energy field which surrounds the physical body, and is the energy produced by your life force (soul).  Much about your mental, emotional and physical state is reflected in your aura.  It is said that illness and dis-ease most often begin in the aura (the spirit portion of mind/body/spirit) and then manifest themselves within the physical body.  The strength and integrity of your aura have a strong effect on your overall wellbeing.

The chakras are the energy centers within the aura.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘spinning wheel’.  There are seven main chakras, each represented by name, definition, color, sound; as well as physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental attributes.

It is the clearing, balancing, energizing and strengthening of the chakras and aura that is the focus of energy work and healing.  However, there are methods you can learn and do on your own, which is why I have developed this course.

Week 1 will be an overview of the auric field and chakras.

Weeks 2-8 will address the chakras, one at a time.  You’ll learn names, representations, and purpose, as well as techniques for mind, body and spirit to keep each
chakra functioning at its best.  You will also be given easy ‘exercises’ to practice in between classes.

Week 9 will integrate the information from prior weeks.  You’ll learn meditations and techniques for balancing your own chakras, and tips on how to keep them balanced and functioning correctly.

Using printed materials, worksheets, art, music, visualizations, physical poses, oracle cards and our creative imaginations, we’ll meet once a week on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 (give or take, depending on class size).  This will be a very informative and beneficial, yet FUN course!!

Open to ages 12 and up, class size is limited so please register now.  Cost is just $20 per class – pay as you go – but you must pre-register for all nine classes.

For registration or questions, contact me: jan@simplicityhealthworks.com with your name, address, and phone number referencing Simplicity in Chakras; or call 920-202-3380.  Hope to see you at class!!

MEDITATION TUTORING. Meditation tutoring involves a private one-hour tutoring session that includes guidelines and materials for you to take home.

I will also schedule seminars, opportunities for learning, and other tutoring sessions based on requests from clients, or inspiration I may receive.

I have written Simplicity in Reiki, a self-study course which has been well-received and comes with unlimited student support.

Watch for updated information on this website, as well as in my monthly e-mail newsletter. Subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to
newsletter@simplicityhealthworks.com. Thank you for your interest.

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