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Integrative Reiki & Energy Work


The basic concept in energy work is the same:  the channeling of positive energy in order to raise the recipient’s personal energy to a higher, healthier, vibration.  Where negative energies such as stress, poor habits, and toxins trigger illness and dysfunction, it only makes sense that wellness and healing can be obtained through the use of applied positive energy.

Techniques that may be used during an energy balancing session are:

Reiki – “life force energy”.  Reiki works within the chakra system (aura/energy field) to clear, balance and recharge the mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Balancing.  This is a finely-tuned and precise method of clearing, balancing and charging the chakras.  The chakras are the points within in the energy body associated with transmitting life force energy.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) makes use of tapping on the energy meridians (the same points used in acupuncture) to further dissipate negative energy and emotions, and their negative effects on you.

Quantum-Touch techniques amplify life-force energy by combining breath work with energy awareness, facilitating the healing process.

Crystals are composed of minute particles (atoms) which carry their own vibration and energy.   The energies of crystals assist in releasing emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, which realign your personal energy to promote well-being.  It is said that their use is similar to having extra sets of hands working on you throughout a session.

THREE SESSION SERIES – $180 (three sessions to be completed within a 10 day time period)

When experiencing serious or chronic physical or emotional health issue, it is my recommendation that you jump-start the healing process by scheduling three energy sessions within 10 days.  At that time we will re-assess how you feel and discuss your follow-up plan.

DISTANT ENERGY  – $20/individual (15 minutes); no charge for group inclusion

Distant sessions are a unique type of meditation or prayer, done, as the name implies, from a distance.  All clients in any given week are included in a mid-week healing meditation.  I will also take requests for distance work on your behalf, or on behalf of a friend, relative or situation in need of assistance.

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