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Distance Work



The most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or touched; they must
be felt with the heart.
~Helen Keller


Distant sessions are a unique type of meditation, or prayer, using Reiki practice and symbols,
done, as the name implies, from a distance.  They are quite powerful, and excellent results have
been achieved.

I moderate two distant healing groups, and participate in several more, wherein healing prayers
and meditations are sent on request of the group participants for themselves, family members,
friends, global healing, and more. These are done on Wednesday evenings of each week, and I
will be happy to include your requests.  Simply contact me with a name and brief description of
the situation needing remedy.  All weekly clients are automatically included in the meditation.

A recipient of distant healing does not need to do anything, or even be aware of what time the
healing is taking place, in order to receive the benefits. This allows you to request services not
only for yourself, but for others in need.

I am also available for individual, personalized distant healing.  Provide me with a name and
circumstance surrounding your request, and view the Services page for more information.



Imagine a world where everyone is blessed by the presence of everyone else…

Just imagine how beautiful such a world would be.

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