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Raindrop Therapy

RAINDROP REIKI – $90 (60-70 minutes)

Raindrop Reiki is energy work combined with aromatherapy, as well as a healing technique developed by the Lakota Indians which makes use of the application of essential oils to the feet, neck and back to bring mind/body/spirit into energetic alignment.  Using pure, therapeutic oils (natural plant extracts), the oils are dispensed several inches above the back and allowed to fall like raindrops onto the skin, hence the name.  Essential oils have an energetic charge, and when applied properly with Reiki, bodywork and Vitaflex motion, enhance the oils’ ability to relax and heal.   They have been used for centuries (think frankincense and myrrh) to promote well-being by activating their natural

COUPLES REIKI – $105 (60 minutes)

The most beautiful expressions of couples are often the subtle, unspoken communications which take place as they become in sync with each others’ energies. Lying side by side in a candlelit room, as each of you becomes increasingly relaxed, the intention is set to clear and balance not only your individual energetic fields, but also the bonds and energy between you.  A fantastic gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and date nights.

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