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Did you know that the average bride and groom spends more time deciding on their dinner favors, tMe_20on_20Matt_27s_20lap_1_-259x253han in choosing their vows and the elements of their ceremony?  There are so few resources available with a wide variety of choices, that wedding couples frequently just go along with whatever is chosen for them.  At Simplicity in Weddings, that is simply not the case.

Because of the healing and personal nature of the work that I do, I have chosen to become an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.  This allows me to officiate custom wedding ceremonies of the style, and at the setting, of your choosing.  You can write your own ceremony from start to finish, or I can assist you with that process.  In any event, your union will be blessed with the same positive energy and care that I make use of in my sessions.

Whether this is a first or second wedding, renewal of vows, commitment ceremony or other celebration, you have chosen each other, the date and time, and ideally should be able to choose the karen.jim-360x249words, music, and how you wish your ceremony to be conducted.  With dozens of introductions, vows, readings, pronouncements and elements to choose from, your ceremony can be as modern and unique, or traditional as you wish.

To design your personal ceremony, we will respect who you are both as individuals and as a couple, discover what is meaningful to both of you, and how you wish to include your family and friends.  After our first meeting, you will be sent home with a 42 page directory of vows, readings, prayers and elements, both traditional and nontraditional in nature.  You will also have several options as to how you would like to recite your vows – you can memorize them, read them from index cards, recite them in ‘repeat after me’ style, or have them rewritten so you can simply state “I/we do” or “I/we will”.  There is no limit to how many readings you choose, whether you wish to change some of the wording, or gerda2.andy-295x248combine parts of several choices.  The entire text of your ceremony will be designed into an attractive, handcrafted booklet, and given to you as a keepsake of your day.

The Celebrant package ($250.00) includes:


  • Initial consultation and interview
  • Meeting(s) for finalization of plans
  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support
  • Rehearsal
  • Ceremony
  • Handcrafted, personalized booklet of your ceremony
  • Signing and filing your marriage license

Pre-marital assessments and counseling are available, but neither is a requirement prior to your ceremony

Additional services, travel, etc., may require an increase in fees.  Contact me for details.

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